Welcome to our site!


Hello everyone and welcome to our site! My name is Wan and I am the entrepreneur behind Communique Enterprise. We are based in a little country known as Brunei Darussalam, nestled in the lush green jewel of an island called Borneo. Just like our beloved country, our company is small and family run, meaning that we will do our best to treat each of our clients with a personal touch. 

In our sight, our clients are those with the best eye for quality. Our clients are individuals who know the difference between something that will last versus something which is simply fancy. Our clients are those who are searching for that perfect gift for someone they truly love, whether its their son, daughter, husband, wife, parents or just themselves. In this light, we cater our range of products to suit those who truly matter in our clients' lives. The products on offer at our store are meant to serve as heirlooms, to be passed down from generation to generation. This is in line with our motto, which is to "Start Your Own Tradition". 

At Communique Enterprise, we strongly believe in the idea that quality shouldn't have to be expensive, although we also understand that in many instances, you do get what you pay for. As such, we at Communique Enterprise will always strive to provide our clients with high quality products supporting the best value at competitive prices. In essence, the goods we sell must be good enough for us to use ourselves.

So, Communique Enterprise welcomes you to our world of quality, and we invite you to "Start Your Own Tradition".

Communique Enterprise is a retail company and online shop based in Brunei Darussalam which offers unique gifts and treasures procured from around the world. We aim to be Brunei's premier retail outlet for quality gifts and accessories for the discerning modern shopper